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All processes are manufactured by hand, top quality materials and skins from the best furriers in Spain and Italy are used.

We use a manufacturing process similar to that of professional ballet shoes.

Our mounting soles are created with top quality materials, so that our ballet shoes and boots retain the shape and rigidity that this very special type of footwear needs.

Necessary for better comfort when using them.

ballet boot insoleThey combine comfortable parts in the tread areas, with 5 different technical parts in the anchoring and torsion areas.

All our models of ballet shoes and boots have a triple reinforcement made of a thermo-formable technical material on the tip, to achieve greater hardness and prevent deformation when walking.

ballet boot toeballet boot toeballet boot toe

The process is repeated three times to achieve the unique firmness found in our ballet shoes and boots.

The result is a firm and hard shell, which maintains the shape of the toe and ensures that the foot is fully supported while walking.

ballet toe

At this point, we have previously assembled the heel with its corresponding buttress and the lining on the toe of the boot or shoe. An expert shoemaker craftsman, makes a second assembled by hand from the skin that will cover the toe. Achieving an optimal result, with great definition and quality

ballet boots details

We make each shoe pair by pair, we do not mass-produce, so you can enjoy unique and exclusive ballet boots, made with the highest quality standards.

We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we do making them.

Pablo Beneit.

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