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Made to measure, personalized or custom shoe designs.

First we collect all the information you provide us, both on the design and the measurements of your foot and leg, if what you want is a pair of boots.

Once the information is received, our creative team gets to work and prepares a first sketch for you.

We send you the design of the shoes, sandals or boots so that you give them the go-ahead and tell us the modifications that must be made so that they are completely to your liking.

If you want to modify something, our team makes another shoe design sketch and we send it back to you as many times as necessary to make them totally to your liking.

Diseño sandalia cuña corcho

Once the design is approved, we start the whole process, a shoe last is made or modified for you, the technical patterns are prepared and the appropriate material is chosen for each design, type of leather, color, decorations, etc.

We will inform you of each step so that you can participate in the process and can decide at any time if you want to make any changes.

When you approve the design and the materials with which we are going to make your exclusive pair of shoes, we proceed to cut the leather.

fabricación sandalias cuña corcho

Once the pair of shoes has been cut, we proceed to prepare it for sewing, dividing and lowering the leather to give it shape and be able to mount them on the last.

hand made sandals

The next step is to design and manufacture the heel or platform that you have decided to adapt to the pair of shoes or boots that has been made exclusively for you.

Once the heel or platform is done, we proceed to make the sole that we can also customize to your liking, both in color and design. (We can paint or print what you want on the soles)

Once this last process has been carried out on the components, we proceed to assemble the heel or platform to the shoe and the sole of the shoe.

During all the processes we send you photos so that you know what the status of your pair is in real time and you can participate both in the process and in the changes if required.

Once the pair is finished, we proceed to pack it and document it to send it to the address that you have indicated.

Sandalias con cuña de corcho

We have 100% satisfaction from our customers and we are very proud to have shoes and collaborated in movies, plays, operas, concerts, singers, actresses, actors and a large number of customers around the world.

If you are looking for a different, customized, exclusive shoe or you want to start your own shoe collection, contact us and ask us for a free estimate, we will be happy to do it for you.

ExtremeHighHeels, where dreams come true.

Diseño inicial y sandalia acabada cuña corcho

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