SHIPMENTS: All of dispatches will be done in normal package with complete discretion and never refers to the kind of goods purchased. All of dispatches sending by normal post will be send certificated, so only could take the package the person who is on the addressee or by someone who will be authorized by the addressee itself. To speed up the deliveries you should to put in the order sheet a telephone number.

Shipping cost: Shipping charge include packaging, handling and shipping. They may contain a fixed and a variable part based on price or weight of your order. The price will be given clearly with shipping included at checkout.

Payments are completely safe and are made through PayPal.

Both if you have an account or if you do not have a PayPal account, you can make payments with your credit card.

PayPal offers a secure payment system that protects both the seller and the buyer.

Many people do not know that PayPal allows payments through their credit card without having to be registered in their system. ... Next we will explain how to pay in PayPal without account. The way to make the payment through PayPal without having a PayPal account is very simple.

PayPal safety for buyers