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We are an artisan footwear workshop dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and direct sale to the public of personalized, made-to-measure footwear, exclusive designs of high heels, extreme heels, high heel boots, made-to-measure boots, sandals, large and small shoe sizes and platform boots for drag queens, burlesque and show business.

Since my grandfather Juan Beneit founded our family's first last factory in 1929, until now, I have always taken care of meeting the demands of the most demanding markets, working for renowned firms all over the world, managing to compete in quality, fashion, productivity and price at an international level.

After a long career in the family business of footwear and components, learning the different processes and techniques of footwear manufacturing with my father Pablo Beneit Cabedo. In 1999 I began to design and manufacture sandals and high heeled shoes and boots for the firm high heel factory by Carmen Hente, with the new collection of extreme and high heeled shoes, we achieved heel heights that were impossible until then, revolutionizing the world of fetishism and high heels, expanding the options in this world. In 2006 I started my solo career, specializing in this sector until today. My high heels and extreme heels are made with top quality materials, selected leathers in Europe, handmade pair by pair and not in series, which gives an added value and unique piece to each shoe. If you are looking for mass-produced shoes, this is not your place. But if you are looking for something exclusive and very special that you can't find, we make it for you. All our creations are different, each pair is made in a unique and handmade way, both high heels, extreme shoes and drag queen boots, have their own identity and have been made with the affection that the craftsman gives to each of his works, combining avant-garde and traditional techniques.

Extreme high heels

www.extremehighheels.net is the evolution of www.estresmodes.com

In this new website you can enjoy better images, more content, new designs, more models of high heel shoes and boots, platform shoes and all kinds of extreme shoes. You can also enjoy downloadable content, technical specifications, comments section and videos, different payment methods in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Euros.

Enjoy exclusive shoes, the most extreme shoes and the highest heels in the world.


You can design your own heeled shoes, design your ouwn heels and we make them for you.