Terms of delivery, sales and return policy

Manufacturing and delivery times

As these are handmade products, manufacturing times may vary depending on the material used and the colour. The times established for each product are approximate and are generally complied with. Transit and transport times depend on the transport agencies and may be modified due to strikes, weather conditions or customs procedures. We cannot guarantee delivery within a certain period of time.


All deliveries are made discreetly and in completely anonymous packages. No reference is ever made to the type of goods purchased. All postal deliveries are certified, which means that only the addressee or, failing that, a person authorised by the addressee can collect the package. To speed up deliveries, please include a contact telephone number on the order form. Shipping costs: Shipping costs include packaging, handling and postage. They may contain a fixed price and a variable part based on the price or weight of your order.  The price will be clearly given to you including shipping costs when confirming the order.


All our products are guarantee against manufacturing defects.


We do not accepted return of our products manufactured by order, every product is manufactured according of the specifications of the customer. Law 7/1996, 15th of January, Regulation of Retail Trade. Article 45. 

Our footwear is not suitable for walking, therefore their use is not recommended because it may cause serious injuries. In no event shall we are responsible for possible injuries.

In case you had bought some product in Stock, if the goods are not from your pleasant, you could send back to us in case that you had not wear it and must fulfill the following conditions according to our Spanish regulation. Law 7/1996, 15th of January, Regulation of Retail Trade. Article 44.

1. In case you have received a stock product, you have 7 days to send back us the package, from the day you have received(you could not send back us before this day).

2. The product should be properly packaged and stamped.

3. You should to detail your customer order and full personal details.