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At ExtremeHighHeels, we specialize in the manufacturing of high-heeled shoes, sandals, and boots, handcrafted pair by pair in Spain according to our clients' preferences. Our brand is distinguished by offering the most exclusive women's footwear customization service in the world. Allowing complete customization of the footwear design, both for women and men, we give our clients the opportunity to create their own shoe, heel, or boot design.

With ExtremeHighHeels, clients can choose the color and type of leather, the height of the heel and platform, the measurements, and even the engraving of the sole and insole. The versatility of our brand extends to the range of sizes, manufacturing women's shoes from size 35 to 48.

ExtremeHighHeels' ability to develop exclusive designs knows no bounds. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for fashion designers looking to create distinctive and high-quality footwear. Our dedication to craftsmanship and customization ensures that each pair of shoes is a unique work of art, designed to meet the individual tastes and needs of our clients.

Since 1999

Estres Modes manufactures and sells directly online luxury footwear, bespoke footwear, exclusive designs, high heels and extreme heels. 

High-heeled boots, sandals and shoes handmade in Spain with first quality materials.

Our classic and femenine lines are created to be totally timeless, our standard designs are based on last with a minimum height of heel of 10cm which aim to offer our customers the fetish shoe par excellence, basic but very clean lines that allow us to offer a balanced heeled shoes curves and volumes, sensual and very high quality. We offer all of our styles in sizes from 35EU until 48EU, to can be enjoyed for any high heels shoes lover.

All of our styles are made with extreme high heels and platforms too, we manufacture extreme and high heels from 10cm until one meter of height without losing its high quality.

For all of our products we select the best materials in Europe and manufacture totally hand made in Spain.


Our imagination has no limit, we can create any design, any height of heels and platforms. We manufacture your shoes or boots made-to-measure; any size would be possible. We make the most complicated dreams come true, if you are looking for something special hand-made with first quality materials, this is your site.

Our company has the experience of three artisan's shoemakers' generations, we are based in Spain in the area greatest concentration of companies in the footwear and components sector, what allows us to work with the best and most current materials and components.

Extreme High Heels

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